Εικόνα “POLITEIA GNOSEON” is an initiative aimed to provide entrepreneurs and business executives in Greece with necessary insight into the latest developments in the international financial environment, through articles and events with prominent speakers from the fields of finance, geopolitics, history and philosophy.

Furthermore, it aspires to offer individuals sharing common concerns and beliefs about business practices, the opportunity to stay abreast of developments, exchange views and actively contribute to the implementation of actions for the improvement of the Greek financial environment.

Our vision is to mobilise the contemporary Greek enterprising and executive community so that, with the active support of new academics and entrepreneurs, a new generation of public servants and private sector executives will emerge – a generation fostering financial and social prosperity, while paying all due respect to Man, State Institutions and the Environment.

Through our website, you can stay informed about our activities, browse through the suggested articles or contact us, emailing your texts or comments to info@politeiagnoseon.gr.

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   Το τέλος του καπιταλισμού;

Στο κείμενο αυτό ο καθηγητής Βαλερστάιν αναλύει την πρόσφατη  οικονομική κρίση  κάνοντας αναφορές στη φιλοσοφία του καπιταλισμού,  στη δομή του σύγχρονου  παραγωγικού συστήματος και στα νέα γεωπο...

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